Sunday, May 13, 2018

Come Alive to the Magnificence of Your True Self

This beautiful spring brings so much color as the butterflies come to touch the petals of the incredible flowering plants that cascade in the garden. I look around and see beauty everywhere as the sun touches my skin and I delight in all the new growth.

May is my favorite month of the year. There is so much blooming all around me, not just in my gardens but in my life too! My house is getting fixed up! I had to move every bit of furniture out to refinish the old terrazzo floors. It has been like moving in some ways, putting all of the furnishings in a big pod in my driveway. The weeks leading up to the move, I purged. I let go of so much as I went through the closets that had to be emptied. I was ruthless in this task and now as I walk through the empty rooms, I am excited to have it painted. It truly is creating an opening for new life to emerge. Picking new paint colors and buying new furniture is so much fun. New life is being born through it all, within me and all around. My boyfriend Robert is moving in soon and how wonderful is that! Birth is so lovely as all these changes bring the unknown as I leap into the abyss once again.
Growth can be hard and laboring a new self can be very difficult at times. Maybe I am growing older in age yet through all of life's disappointments hurts and forgotten dreams that die, I realize that the greatest wisdom that life has brought me is to learn the lessons of my soul, however painful it is. Sometimes my mind can take me down and destroy the dreams that are still carefully placed in my heart. The hardships and grief that loss brings can beat me down until I have the courage to take its medicine and realize that the crisis was truly the initiation into the magnificence and fullness of self. I just think that every challenge has made me a better person and each day I wake up and reach for God. Here I pray to be guided and used as an instrument for more peace. Here I remember that meditation and prayer help me to face the darkness in our world so that I don't allow the resistance to spiral me down into the chaos and negativity. In my quiet contemplation, I allow the light of consciousness to shine on all that is within, so I can see the good too! There is so much to be grateful for.
Mother's Day is here! I hold my mom in my heart today, feeling the beauty of her spirit. I miss her, and wouldn't it be nice if she could just walk into my house right now. I talk to her all the time and listen to the ways she speaks to me through this world. The love never dies and even the hardships and challenges of her life has helped me to be more my own true self.
I love being a mom. My son Luke and my daughter Lane are my most precious of all gifts that I have ever received. With their partners I have my son In-law Rob and daughter of my heart with Luke's girlfriend Eleni and I am Granny Frannie to her daughter Eliana. I feel so blessed. My heart just continues to expand and fall in love.
Now to announce the news! My child is going to have a baby. What an incredible experience this is. My daughter Lane and her husband Rob are going to have a baby boy in October. I'm going to be a Grandma! How blessed I am to witness this new life growing in my daughter's womb. She is healthy and so happy to become a mother.
Yes, our life brings labor as we let go and feel more alive, clear and authentic. We can reclaim the happiness that resides within. With deep listening and loving guidance, we can go out and share the love that has birthed within our hearts.
Sit quietly and breathe yourself into this moment.
Hold your sadness and regret within your heart and lean in.
Deep down, underneath the anxiety, beneath the fear, there is a greater reality that is present.
Here within the silence your heart is touched'
You are blessed, you are forgiven, you are an angel.
Look around with your eyes open and notice the beauty calling you to remember who you truly are.
You are awake and alive.
You are loved.
Rejoice in the ability to be conscious and let the wisdom to know that even through the ups and downs, there is compassion.
Now feel yourself being held by your mother.
In a grateful heart, bow your head to your heart.
Now be loved and be love.

Happy Mother's Day! 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Lost in Love

I sit with my boyfriend Robert at the Krishna Das concert surrounded by 100’s of people chanting the names of God.  How easy it is to get lost in the spinning of our daily lives but this day I chose to un-plug from the world and listen to what my body needed. As I focus inward and sing the names of the Beloved, a power moves through and my heart melts wide open. In the stillness within a crowded arena, I feel a mysterious connection between my small, tender heart and the vast spirit of the Universe. The tears gently roll down my cheeks and in a quiet way I feel more alive than moments before. I know the yearning of this human heart of mine and even though life is chaotic, changing and sometimes messy, the way of the heart can draw me into the unknown where it’s shaky and vulnerable. I hear the spiritual Cupid whispering into my ear, “Let go, fall in love.”

I gaze over the crowd and hear Robert humming to the songs with his eyes closed and face turned upward in complete bliss. I listen to Krishna Das begin to speak of Christ who lost himself in love. All I can hear and feel inside of me is, lost in love, lost in love. I continue to soften as my gaze inward touches that tender little girl who knows the way to love.

As I write these words, I remember as a child, cutting out the Valentine’s cards. One by one I wrote the names of all my classmates. A moment where the passage of time felt like eternity and I couldn’t wait to receive those exciting red hearts or candies the next day. Sometimes my basket wasn’t as full as I returned home after school. Sometimes I felt sadness because I wasn’t given the heart from someone I liked, but loving the act of giving was a great practice for me. It was just another day to offer love in the simple kindness of the heart.

So here we are, another day to make love to the world, offering the gift of presence. I can fill myself up with pure unconditional tenderness and get lost in love and see the world with compassion. Maybe that’s enough, just to receive until we are so full and the reflection of our heart spills out into others. Just like that incredible ‘super blue blood moon’ that filled our night sky just days ago.

Happy Valentine’s Day My Beloveds
Love Frannie

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Another year has gone by, filled with memories as I decorate the tree once again. It's the same decorations yet when I take them out of the box, one by one, I look at them and hold them with great intention. Each one brings me a smile, a feeling, a thought and sometimes a tear that fills me up with all that life holds for me in the moment. I place the crystal dove on the branch and it never fails, the vision of my mother walking through the front door with her smile, so happy to give me this special ornament. The moment becomes alive with her presence and even though she has been gone for almost a decade, her love fills me with that beautiful memory. I continue to place the crystal icicles on the branches, hearing the voice of my husband Steve, who left this world 4 ½ years ago, telling me how these precious pieces of glass were made. His stories run through my mind as I take out the fishing Santa Clause or the many fish with wild smiles and cartoon like faces. I touch the little ballerina dressed in white and place it by the white tree ornament and my daughters smile grabs me like the moment she found it in the store and picked it just for her. The singing Elvis makes its way out of the box as I remember my son, finding that figurine to adorn our tree. 
There is so much love from friends and family hanging on my tree as I turn on the lights and darken the room. I sit on the couch with Robert,  gazing at the beauty that brings me home to all of the Christmas's of years gone by. I am filled with wonder, like a child. The lights of every color reflecting in the clear glass balls, pulls me in and I am lost in the presence of creation.
Can we be like a child and open to the day with wonder and curiosity? Can we allow the moment to bring us something new as we look in to the eyes of the ones before us? Too often we arrive with ideas and thoughts of criticism and judgments that only block our hearts to what truly is here for our highest good. Life is full of surprises and with our willingness to listen, we can receive the truth that can guide our way like the brightest star shining in the night sky. 
May we open the present of this moment with a grateful heart, holding the hands of the ones that we are with and listen. Let us be open to receiving this incredible life that love offers us. Let us be the prayer for peace as we welcome in the new and arrive here now, conscious and awake to be the instrument used for the highest good of all.
Take a deep breath inward as you settle into your body. 
Be curious about what is here within you as you enter the body with full awareness.
Feel yourself most tenderly and allow the moment to bring you deeper.
This body, so precious holds all that is waiting to be let go of. 
Feel your breath inside breathing you.
 Sink deeply into the heaviness of the physical.
 The quiet of the moment calls your name as I AM.
Here you merge with the oneness of all things where nothing is hidden.
As the false burdens fall away.
Rest now.
You have arrived back home to your heart where God is.
Your soul is unique and longing to enter this world with a childlike nature.
Open this day like a present and walk beautifully on this magnificent earth.
Love is all around you. 
May you be blessed and find a wonderful love in yourself.
Now share it as you touch the heart of humanity with your gaze and with your words.
Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 13, 2017

A Joyful Celebration with Life

It’s quite another world, walking the streets of Sicily as the energy begins to come from everything I see, touch or hear. I feel like time is standing still all around me as the cobblestone path below my feet keeps me present. I have practiced being more present with all the falls and stumbles I have had walking while distracted by so much to see and take in. I stand and watch the faces of the men and women who joined Robert and I for our first Nourish Your Body, Mind and Soul tour. Sharing this adventure with others just seems to amplify the experience. My heart gets so full as I gaze into the eyes of the ones that seem like children, soaking in the new life of these very special days.

We are surrounded by ancient history with the churches and all the different styles to caves where tombs were still visible thousands of years before Christ. We enjoyed the 400 year Aztec tradition of Sicilian chocolate making as we walked down the streets of Modica. I loved sitting at the archeological site in Syracuse, where ancient Greek ruins created the sacred space as we meditated together overlooking the sparkling blue Mediterranean Sea. The temples, so massive and mosaics so old yet still vibrant in color and detail. The artist in me was inspired. Then after taking in the art of these artisans in medieval towns built in the rocks of mountains, we would listen to our guides tell us the stories of ancient times. We walked and climbed and together moved from big cities to little historic towns. Everyday we were nourished by the energy of the present moment with circle of light meditations and yoga. We ate like kings and queens as our chefs, including Robert, shared special dishes from Sicily and even the gluten free people were happy with every detail and sensitivity acknowledged so that everyone had an amazing dining experience. It surely was an Italian culinary tour with the nourishment of so much more.

We, as a group became family with each other and the beautiful souls of Sicily who took care of our every need. How blessed we were to travel to this place together and share such a rich and transforming experience. There is so much to see in this incredible world and as we all looked deeply at ourselves we softened the hold on some of our own past and let go into our greater beings. What a beautiful journey we had together.

We won’t forget the smiles of the Sicilian people as we found out how we are all soul family just waiting to meet each other as the ancient world met us with open arms and we welcomed in the new.

This is the month of thanksgiving as my grateful heart humbly bows down and I say,
Happy Thanksgiving

With love,