Thursday, August 20, 2015

Listen to the Call

We hear the call from deep within. This sweet sound that gently wakes us up to be fully here. There is nothing to do but be and in this state of being we accept that we are enough. Life has moved us into the direction of our soul’s path and we realize that every step we have taken on this journey has formed us and molded us from the inside to the outside. The falseness has fallen away and we walk on through all of the ups and downs of being human. Slowly we surrender to what is without trying to change a thing. As we look around we begin to see that there is a perfection to this magnificent ride we have been on. Without any loud announcements or drum rolls, we enter the present moment realizing that who we are is worthy to be right here in this magnificent life that gives without conditions. We have arrived with the knowing that it is our heart that knows the truth instead of letting the ego run the show. We enter into grace as we open our heart and our hands to the one who creates through this beautiful life that is living and breathing through us.

We are all called to be ourselves; to show up for this life that flows freely through all of life’s circumstances. Nothing needs to take us away from the presence that breathes us into every moment. We begin to watch the world around us with the eyes of the observer, not taken away but taken into the center of it all and allowing the changeless part of us to realize the truth that we are. Here we can fully be human yet allow the divine nature to join us with all creation. This is an intricate weaving of every heart as we walk on in our union with the light that some call the Christ or unconditional love. This arch of golden light moves out of our heart, our eyes, our touch, our voice and joins with the gentle sweetness of a love that joins us all together in this magnificent circle that never ends. We are all doing this dance together and every moment we let go of more so that all that is true comes to the surface of our minds where we join in the mind of God where only light prevails. Our hearts become the messenger of a love that speaks every language and expresses the truth that sets us all free. There is only union here and everyone is a part of the tapestry that we weave together.

As Robert and I paddled into the turquoise colored water of the Gulf of Mexico, we felt the joy of this magnificent moment. There was the knowing that life as it was, right now, was perfect and everything lined up to create more life. I heard the paddle dip into the rippling water surrounding our kayak, each stroke pulling us forward as we slowly got into rhythm. It was magical as we felt the touch of the wind upon our skin and the warm sun wrapping us up in this beautiful day. Without saying a word we knew that we were being pulled into the momentum of our heart’s calling. Moment-by-moment we were guided, leaning into each other and then stopping to be held in the presence of quiet meditation. Calling the dolphins with our hearts, we opened our eyes to witness a dolphin racing through the clear water right beside us. His eyes met ours and deeply we could see ourselves in the joy of being with this magnificent creature of the wild. He danced upon the water just for us.

I felt a rush of energy giving to me the message that was just spoken. Let this dance begin. A new dance proclaiming the joy of being fully here. It was Steve’s spirit, I am sure, in all his brilliance moving us both into the calling of our soul’s path. It was an initiation of the joy of this beloved union where we settle into the calm waters that surround us. We look into the mirror reflecting back to us the beauty of a life unfolding before our very eyes.

Robert and I went back to the shallow waters and began to sing the songs of our hearts (perhaps a little off key).  We danced around and played like children sharing the joy of finding ourselves again in the arms of each other. We have stumbled. We have fallen. We have risen through the ashes of our past, seeking peace because the pain of living has brought the truth that we are worthy. Calling on God, we have cried and laughed in each other’s arms. Even though we have faced death and have looked into the eyes of loss, here and now we feel the touch of the wind upon our skin.  In this embrace of the beloved we are enough as we become the offering of love no matter what.

There is so much to share. It is as if the stories of the past are seen clearer now and as the heart empties of talk of yesterday, we make room for new memories. We touch the miracle of life that continues to be alive and well. Right here now, not in the future or the past. Right here in this moment where we see ourselves and all that life has birthed because we chose to live instead of dying inside.