Friday, October 9, 2015

Live, Love and Laugh!

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
- Wayne Dyer

Being in Italy again is more than I ever imagined. I was 17  years old when I walked down the cobble stone roads before with my best girl friends, Debbie, Virginia and Christina. Now 
I am appreciating the experience with the wisdom of what life has brought me. I am taking in the moments with all of my senses, inspired by this new environment. One of my favorite teachers and authors, Wayne Dyer, has just transitioned recently. Countless times he would sit at his writing desk with pictures of Saints and Guru's surrounding him.  He would share with us that he could call on their energy and channel the words written for us all to receive the gift of presence in each word that flowed out of him. 

I felt the same way as I walked into the Academia Gallery in Florence that houses Michelangelo's David and his Prisoners and many works from the 16th-18th century. The energy  vibrated through me as if I was plugged into a light socket. I felt like I could cry, emotions filled me with a joy that was expanding my heart. My eyes drank in these works of art as huge sculptures of marble, like giants, carved so long ago were right before me. Seeing the forms of strong, naked prisoners stepping out of the marble as if they were unfinished pieces of art. The freeing of the form out of the formless as these marble figures seem to come alive. As I looked down to the great hall, the statue of David pulled me closer to take in the history of this sculpted masterpiece. The tremendous surge of energy came in waves as I recall the words Wayne Dyer used to tell us, " to be inspired is to be in-spirit".  I felt myself in this timeless moment sharing this love I have for art and allowing the inspiration to move me into more of myself. Then to make the whole experience even richer, I am holding the hand of my new love, Robert,  who gets it. He knows that I am filled with the emotions of being surrounded by the energy of all of these masters who seem to be crowding the room. The room is wall to wall people and maybe most are unaware of the magnitude of energy that is filling us all, feeding us with so much more than we could conceive of. 
I am intoxicated with a love that is beyond this human experience and every part of me wants to dance, sing, paint, hug and kiss...I am inspired and filled with the joy of being alive. It doesn't get better than this! I am in love and meeting all parts of myself that wants to be free just like the sculptures of Michelangelo. I am making a choice to free myself out of the mold of this human form that I am. I get lost in the paintings as I move through the various rooms and time seems to be stands still and nothing seems to pull me away from the incredible feeling of just being here right now. I look away from the statue of David and meet the gaze of Robert as I see him taking me in and sharing in the love of being in this magnificent place together.

With love,