Monday, January 16, 2017

Be the Happy in Your New Year!

"Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence." -Aristotle       
There is no time like this present moment to open our minds and hearts and become responsible for our own happiness. It is true that happiness lies within us and when we discover it, it becomes infectious. We aren't protected from the problems of life when we are happy because we can't control events or people around us. Yet our attitude and connection can help us to see our cup half full instead of empty as we respond to life instead of react.
All my yesterdays have prepared me for my future. In some ways, it has pre-paved for me what will come in the present. Sometimes we can't get away from our own mistakes. We make choices that we know aren't good for us. We sometimes say something hurtful to the ones we love. We are just human after all and accepting ourselves isn't always easy but needed. Life can just wear us down and we touch the exhaustion that is telling us to take better care of ourselves. We can receive it all and allow it to show us the wisdom that it holds.
Yet, with all that life has brought to me, I am sometimes taken aback by what appears to get my attention. As much as I strive to be at peace in my mind or attempt to be self- realized, I am a human being after all, imperfect and beautiful all wrapped up in one.
The symptoms of my body are calling me again, where I have been a little care free, enjoying the foods traveling to Italy and being more lenient with my choices during the holidays.
My body has always been a constant teacher and reminder of where true healing occurs. I can sometimes be taken away by believing that vitamins and tinctures like magic potions can bring me to the cure. Truly, all that awareness is helpful and supportive for the overall well-being of my physical body. It is a lifestyle of living life with more consciousness that keeps me awake.
Now it is my return to making choices with what I feed my body as certain symptoms like low energy and reoccurring viruses visit me. What pulls me away from a healthy constitution seems to be habits and life- long patterns that surely takes my energy and I get out of balance. All of it is a contributor to health challenges. It's also the deep seeded beliefs or past pain that is still harbored within me that can always be a doorway back home to what is true. I don't have to do anything but accept where I am and then listen deeply to the wise part of me that knows what is needed.
Last night I had a visitation in my dream from the healer from Brazil, John of God. I have been in his physical presence quite a few times. In the dream, he was like a long -time friend pulling up a chair for me as we talked about life as it was and then I said, "I am healed in the presence". He was the reminder. I woke up from the dream realizing once again that I am healed right now in the mind of God. It is what is the true reality. Clarity comes with more compassion and I remember that inside I am ageless and pure light. This for me is the greatest gift I give to myself. I awaken from the dream of separation. I am a part of this vast energy that creates worlds.
Meditation is my practice. When I reach deep inside with my breath, this feeling of pure presence takes me into its embrace. Like a mother holding her baby, I am cradled in the arms of a love that has no conditions. This is the place where I can let go a little more like a snake shedding its old skin as I allow myself to open. I let out that sigh of relief as I remember to take great care of myself. Unplugging from all the things I think I need to do, I get plugged into this light that knows where to go. I am filled with this presence that takes over and moves me into my heart that has been broken over time. I evolve in spite of my own limitations. Here I am free. I am happy and that feeling doesn't come from outside of me in any way. This is my birthright. Using the old to build the new helps me to be ignited once again to see for the very first time.
Happiness begins to fill up my heart and the energy of pure love flows through me as if I am a lamp radiating the light that spills out without effort. This feeling is like no other. It becomes me and through me I join with all who walk in this life. There is a comfort here that soothes the achy muscles of a life long journey. I let go once again of the control I think I have and let spirit guide me. With my eyes and heart wide open I am used to share this joy of being here and it can ease the burden of others and bring lightness to another's heart.
How will the new year unfold? All I know is that in the presence I am healed and my mind becomes the silent sanctum for the voice of spirit to be heard. I rejoice in the knowing that bowing down to kiss this earth with my expression is the gift I share with all I meet. I am not alone as I pour my heart and soul into the moment.
I choose to be the Happy in my New Year! Sometimes it's more difficult when the pain and suffering of this world takes my breath away. All I can do is breathe it all in fully and with my heart open, vulnerable and real, I can trust that all is well.
So, let us all join in this vast field that Rumi talks about in his poem; "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing there is a field, I will meet you there." In this field of presence when we live in our hearts, there is no distance and no time. Like the visit I had from the healer John of God, we can help our world remember as we awaken from the dream of separation. We can join in a love that creates worlds. We are the message of hope and peace that abides within this incredible vessel we are.
So, be the instrument praising creation and let the sound heal your hearts as you sing loudly the love of your true nature. Happiness is your birthright.
Let's be the HAPPY in the NEW YEAR!

I love you,

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