Monday, November 13, 2017

A Joyful Celebration with Life

It’s quite another world, walking the streets of Sicily as the energy begins to come from everything I see, touch or hear. I feel like time is standing still all around me as the cobblestone path below my feet keeps me present. I have practiced being more present with all the falls and stumbles I have had walking while distracted by so much to see and take in. I stand and watch the faces of the men and women who joined Robert and I for our first Nourish Your Body, Mind and Soul tour. Sharing this adventure with others just seems to amplify the experience. My heart gets so full as I gaze into the eyes of the ones that seem like children, soaking in the new life of these very special days.

We are surrounded by ancient history with the churches and all the different styles to caves where tombs were still visible thousands of years before Christ. We enjoyed the 400 year Aztec tradition of Sicilian chocolate making as we walked down the streets of Modica. I loved sitting at the archeological site in Syracuse, where ancient Greek ruins created the sacred space as we meditated together overlooking the sparkling blue Mediterranean Sea. The temples, so massive and mosaics so old yet still vibrant in color and detail. The artist in me was inspired. Then after taking in the art of these artisans in medieval towns built in the rocks of mountains, we would listen to our guides tell us the stories of ancient times. We walked and climbed and together moved from big cities to little historic towns. Everyday we were nourished by the energy of the present moment with circle of light meditations and yoga. We ate like kings and queens as our chefs, including Robert, shared special dishes from Sicily and even the gluten free people were happy with every detail and sensitivity acknowledged so that everyone had an amazing dining experience. It surely was an Italian culinary tour with the nourishment of so much more.

We, as a group became family with each other and the beautiful souls of Sicily who took care of our every need. How blessed we were to travel to this place together and share such a rich and transforming experience. There is so much to see in this incredible world and as we all looked deeply at ourselves we softened the hold on some of our own past and let go into our greater beings. What a beautiful journey we had together.

We won’t forget the smiles of the Sicilian people as we found out how we are all soul family just waiting to meet each other as the ancient world met us with open arms and we welcomed in the new.

This is the month of thanksgiving as my grateful heart humbly bows down and I say,
Happy Thanksgiving

With love,

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