Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Another year has gone by, filled with memories as I decorate the tree once again. It's the same decorations yet when I take them out of the box, one by one, I look at them and hold them with great intention. Each one brings me a smile, a feeling, a thought and sometimes a tear that fills me up with all that life holds for me in the moment. I place the crystal dove on the branch and it never fails, the vision of my mother walking through the front door with her smile, so happy to give me this special ornament. The moment becomes alive with her presence and even though she has been gone for almost a decade, her love fills me with that beautiful memory. I continue to place the crystal icicles on the branches, hearing the voice of my husband Steve, who left this world 4 ½ years ago, telling me how these precious pieces of glass were made. His stories run through my mind as I take out the fishing Santa Clause or the many fish with wild smiles and cartoon like faces. I touch the little ballerina dressed in white and place it by the white tree ornament and my daughters smile grabs me like the moment she found it in the store and picked it just for her. The singing Elvis makes its way out of the box as I remember my son, finding that figurine to adorn our tree. 
There is so much love from friends and family hanging on my tree as I turn on the lights and darken the room. I sit on the couch with Robert,  gazing at the beauty that brings me home to all of the Christmas's of years gone by. I am filled with wonder, like a child. The lights of every color reflecting in the clear glass balls, pulls me in and I am lost in the presence of creation.
Can we be like a child and open to the day with wonder and curiosity? Can we allow the moment to bring us something new as we look in to the eyes of the ones before us? Too often we arrive with ideas and thoughts of criticism and judgments that only block our hearts to what truly is here for our highest good. Life is full of surprises and with our willingness to listen, we can receive the truth that can guide our way like the brightest star shining in the night sky. 
May we open the present of this moment with a grateful heart, holding the hands of the ones that we are with and listen. Let us be open to receiving this incredible life that love offers us. Let us be the prayer for peace as we welcome in the new and arrive here now, conscious and awake to be the instrument used for the highest good of all.
Take a deep breath inward as you settle into your body. 
Be curious about what is here within you as you enter the body with full awareness.
Feel yourself most tenderly and allow the moment to bring you deeper.
This body, so precious holds all that is waiting to be let go of. 
Feel your breath inside breathing you.
 Sink deeply into the heaviness of the physical.
 The quiet of the moment calls your name as I AM.
Here you merge with the oneness of all things where nothing is hidden.
As the false burdens fall away.
Rest now.
You have arrived back home to your heart where God is.
Your soul is unique and longing to enter this world with a childlike nature.
Open this day like a present and walk beautifully on this magnificent earth.
Love is all around you. 
May you be blessed and find a wonderful love in yourself.
Now share it as you touch the heart of humanity with your gaze and with your words.
Happy Holidays!

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