Friday, February 2, 2018

Lost in Love

I sit with my boyfriend Robert at the Krishna Das concert surrounded by 100’s of people chanting the names of God.  How easy it is to get lost in the spinning of our daily lives but this day I chose to un-plug from the world and listen to what my body needed. As I focus inward and sing the names of the Beloved, a power moves through and my heart melts wide open. In the stillness within a crowded arena, I feel a mysterious connection between my small, tender heart and the vast spirit of the Universe. The tears gently roll down my cheeks and in a quiet way I feel more alive than moments before. I know the yearning of this human heart of mine and even though life is chaotic, changing and sometimes messy, the way of the heart can draw me into the unknown where it’s shaky and vulnerable. I hear the spiritual Cupid whispering into my ear, “Let go, fall in love.”

I gaze over the crowd and hear Robert humming to the songs with his eyes closed and face turned upward in complete bliss. I listen to Krishna Das begin to speak of Christ who lost himself in love. All I can hear and feel inside of me is, lost in love, lost in love. I continue to soften as my gaze inward touches that tender little girl who knows the way to love.

As I write these words, I remember as a child, cutting out the Valentine’s cards. One by one I wrote the names of all my classmates. A moment where the passage of time felt like eternity and I couldn’t wait to receive those exciting red hearts or candies the next day. Sometimes my basket wasn’t as full as I returned home after school. Sometimes I felt sadness because I wasn’t given the heart from someone I liked, but loving the act of giving was a great practice for me. It was just another day to offer love in the simple kindness of the heart.

So here we are, another day to make love to the world, offering the gift of presence. I can fill myself up with pure unconditional tenderness and get lost in love and see the world with compassion. Maybe that’s enough, just to receive until we are so full and the reflection of our heart spills out into others. Just like that incredible ‘super blue blood moon’ that filled our night sky just days ago.

Happy Valentine’s Day My Beloveds
Love Frannie

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